Covid-19 Update

Update: 21st May

Update: 14th May

Update: 7th May

Update: 30th April

Update: 9th April

Update: 2nd April

Update: 27th March

Please keep visiting this page for regular updates regarding how we are dealing with the Covid-19 virus.




As from 4pm, Friday 20th March, Lakeside will be closed and only open at set times on Monday, Wednesday and Friday for the Foodbank to operate. Please visit the Foodbank website for more details.


We shall be live-streaming our service as normal from 11am. You can access this either through this website (Home / Messages / Church Online) or via our You Tube Channel (Lakeside Church UK)


If you are self-isolating and are in need of help, please click on the ‘Need Help’ tab on the home page and fill out the online form and press ‘Submit.’ One of the team will then be in touch. We have a special designated number to assist you with any of these enquiries – 07923 992434.


As our Reception desk will not be manned at this time, in case of absolute emergency, you can call any of the Pastors who’s numbers are below.

Pastor Richard – 07739 913009 /┬áPastor Matt – 07833 298710 / Pastor David – 07753 906727

Once again, we cannot stress enough at this time the importance of staying connected one another and to allow our regular practice of meeting together and encouraging one another to continue. Just because we can’t do that in close proximity doesn’t mean we can’t do it at all. Text messages, phone calls, emails all still work as do connectivity apps like Zoom, FaceTime, Skype, etc. The building might be physically closed but we continue to be the church. This is who we are and at times like this is when we allow the light and the hope we carry within us to be ever more present and visible.

Praying for you all.

Pastor Richard



We hope to bring a fuller update later on today but please take note of the following details and please share with others who might not have access to the internet.

Following a Leadership Team meeting last evening, we have made the decision on the following areas…



We will NOT be meeting in public on Sundays for now. We WILL, however, be live-streaming a service from here at Lakeside, so please get yourselves geared up to join us online. You can do that through our website ( or through You Tube (Lakeside Church UK). If you are struggling to do this, please let us know and we will try to give you the technical support you need.



We are postponing ALL midweek activities for now. We hope to arrange something online during the week for you to tune in to but please allow us a bit of space to get all these other ducks in a row before we get this properly sorted.



Although we are stopping midweek activities, until such times as we have much greater clarity from our governing bodies, the coffee house and Pre-School remain open as usual.



It is absolutely VITAL that whilst we are in this season which is unchartered for all of us, that we keep communicating with one another and STAY CONNECTED. Please keep a look out for those around you, especially those who are older and more vulnerable. If you are in any doubt whatsoever concerning someone else, please do let us know here at Lakeside. Although some of you might need to isolate yourselves, PLEASE DO NOT SOCIALLY ISOLATE. Stay in regular contact with others.



This a time more than ever for us as followers of Jesus to be praying. We believe God has all this totally under control and although things are certainly unclear and unknown to us right now, He sees everything with absolute clarity. We need to exercise our faith as usual and keep leaning on and calling on Him. Please pray for yourselves and your families, those who are more susceptible to contracting the virus, those who are fearful, those who are lost, the wonderful NHS, medical researchers, scientists, P.M. Boris Johnson and the Government, our nation, our world.



Please continue to follow all the guidelines in relation to personal hygiene and well being. Wash your hands regularly, stay well hydrated, etc.


I heard a lovely quote by another pastor last evening who was addressing his church community. He said that although we don’t have a manual for this right now, what we do have is EMMANUEL – God with us! Let’s look to Him and keep leaning on Him. He will bring us through this.


Pastor Richard