Reach our world

We believe that the most important focus of God’s love is the world that doesn’t yet know Him.  In Matthew 28, Jesus gave the Church the ‘Great Commission’ to make disciples of all people and He is yet to revoke that call.

We believe in partnering with the Holy Spirit to lead others into life and we have a hope and a dream that one day Southport will be transformed by the life of Jesus.  Just think about it.  His love, His goodness, and His grace in every aspect of our town:  in its people; in the schools; in the economy; in its health care; and in its government.

We believe that God is renewing all things and there is nothing in Southport that He doesn’t care about or won’t bring His life to.

Here are some of the ways in which we are partnering with God to bring life to our town:

Healing On the Streets

3rd Saturday each month 12-3pm in the Town Hall Gardens

We believe that Jesus still heals today and that He wants His followers to heal those who are sick, giving them the power to do so through the Holy Spirit.

As well as other local missional initiatives, we are also involved with Street Pastors, Southport Foodbank and Christians Against Poverty.